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EDIT: Even thought this character Concept exists within the RPG boards on the Forum, this summoner is different from what he used to be. Here is now who the summoner 'Rysa' actually is, instead of the other person you used to see.

Name: Vinnie 'Rysa'

Gender: Male

Species: Human, Augmented.

Home State: Zaun

Profession: Diplomat, Traveler.

Affiliations: Shurima, Bilgewater.

Appearance: Edit

Vinnie is a kind of tall guy that isn't that strong. Having a small build, he is found most of the time wearing a suit and a Top Hat. Also, he's an augmented Human, so most of his body is made of machine, except for one of his arms and his head. He hides this pretty well, so not everyone would know that.

Personality: Edit

Vinnie is a very nice guy, always wanting to help others. However, sometimes when he means the best, he can do some kind of stupid things, and be a bit silly. This doesn't stop him from always trying to help. He is always available to give Emotional support. Literally. He's a master of Emotional magic. He's a charismatic person, able to calm a hostile situation, almost all the time, sometimes with humour, sometimes with carefully worded statements. Sometimes, he fails, but that doesn't stop him. He's just a nice guy that is easy to get along with.

Background: Edit

Vinnie was born in Zaun, interestingly enough. He grew up there, and was a pretty smart dude. At least, smart enough to get into a nice lab when he graduated. However, on his first day, he kind of blew up the lab. Along with himself. The staff rushed him to the hospital, hoping to save him. When he awoke next, he was shocked to find out that he was a different man, most of his body not that of a machine. This came with some perks, like no more sleep. And psuedo-Immortality. With this in mind, he felt himself wanting to explore, drawn away by wanderlust. Packing up a caravan, he drove out, first stop being Shurima, looking at the pretty buildings and such. Once there, though, he had found out something amazing: he could control magic. After this happened, he traveled to Bilgewater, in hopes of finding a teacher or something(He also was planning on going there next anyway). Once there, he couldn't find anyone willing to teach him a single thing about magic. However, he had found out about the League of Legends, and the Institute of War. With this information, he set out once more, and arrived at the IoW. It was there that he became a summoner, learning magic and what not.

Skills: Edit

Vinnie, turns out, is a pretty good people person, and is best suited for Diplomatic missions, being able to help remedy any hostile situation with either good jokes or good words. Also, he is quite good at using his preferred type of Magic, Emotional Magic. However, he's not very good at fighting, because of his non-existent muscles and his unwillingness to hurt people.

Summoner Preferences: Edit

Oddly enough, Vinnie prefers to summon Katarina a lot, even though he's a nice guy and all. It's just a match, though, no one actually gets hurt. Not for major disputes, though, just for regular fun matches. He would never side with Noxus, he finds them to be mean people. When that isn't an option, he always summons Vel'Koz, Aurelion Sol, Veigar, Ahri, or Syndra...It's just for fun! No one's actually getting hurt!