The Seeker's Ball is a traditional part of the Institute of War's Spring-Blossom Gala, and takes place on February 14th of each year.[1]

History Edit

The Seeker's Ball began shortly after the founding of the League, in 2 CLE. Recognizing the political and diplomatic value of the informal friendships and other connections spreading through the nascent Summoner corps, the League organized the Spring-Blossom Gala to further develop the League's social dimension.

The Spring-Blossom Gala also served a related legal purpose: the popularity of the event gave the League a media-friendly social "wrapper" for its announcement that the League's courts would issue marriage licenses, pursuant to diplomatic provisions of Article VII of the League charter—an announcement that might otherwise have provoked too much backlash among the still-suspicious populace, to say nothing of nation-states wary of ceding power to this untested political body.

The Seeker's Ball was originally intended as a minor part of the Spring-Blossom Gala, a token side-event for the romantically unattached. It turned out, though, that angsty Champions and bookish Summoners do not always make for stable relationships, and the Seeker's Ball proved to be significantly better-attended than the marriage ceremonies meant to be at the heart of the Gala.

Events Edit

As of 25 CLE, the Seeker's Ball was one of the League's most well-attended celebrations. Champions, Summoners, and other invitees traditionally don pink and red attire for the two-day event. Food and beverages, particularly of the sweet and intoxicating kinds, are provided in abundance. The event is located around a hedge maze constructed of sound-drinking thaumivorous plants, not-so-subtly providing a large number of secluded, soundproofed corners for amorous diversions. Whereas the Journal of Justice frequently reported (sometimes scandalous) flings taking place during the Ball, as of 25 CLE the Summoner's Herald declined to follow its predecessor in this regard.

References Edit

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