Name: Rin-su'o

Title: Nyrothian Acolyte

Gender & Species: Male, Argyrian Freljordle

Age: Adult(mostly)

Profession: Student, Survivalist

Home: Formerly Nyroth - Currently Freljord

Affiliations: Freljord

Background Edit

Rin-su'o was one of the outcast Freljordles, a monk-like recluse from the Pihng-Spyyk tribe. He trained from a young age to fight each year for Lanpoa's favor, preferring to fight alone rather than with others of his tribe. This lead to a great many losses. (Even Freljordles can't solo) Upon Braum's initial visit, he was amazed and astounded that places outside of Argyre still remained - and the Valoranian magic interested him to no end. He nearly immediately requested to be sent to the place these strangers had come from - and ended up at the League. After hearing about the disasters at Krocylea, he found himself returning to his home continent as a native 'diplomat' for the Freljord, hoping to influence recent events.

Appearance Edit

White fur, with dark grey streaking in his tail- and ear-tips. Stands almost 3' tall, generally wears a thin, red, hooded robe. He has dedicated himself to learning as much about Valoran and the outside world as he can, and so often carries books and scrolls in a brown satchel.

Personality Edit

He often varies between hyper bursts of playful activity, and more somber, meditative thought. He prefers a balanced, well-considered approach to diplomacy and research, but a lifetime of non-lethal play-combat has deeply ingrained an aggressive, attack-first-questions-later approach to anything military or combative. Attempting to reconcile this new world and its actual bloodshed with his own playful nature has kept him awake many nights since his induction into the league.

Skills and Summoner Preferences Edit

He is a reasonably proficient martial artist, his solitary training giving him an advantage over other freljordles in adapting to Valoranian Martial Arts. Studying magic and lore in his evenings at the league have left him rapidly approaching basic proficiency in these areas as well - just don't ask him to work with technology. You'll end up with a cup of tea. (Studying under Ziggs in Yordle Academy, his first and only day in class involved the accidental destruction of no less than three automatons. Where the Jasmine and tea leaves actually came from is anybody's guess.)