Name: Nathan Rose

Title(s): Summoner

Gender/Species: Male, Human

Profession: Student, Summoner

Home: Zaun (Winter), Bilgewater (Summer)

Affiliations: Zaun (Hometown, and the Residence of his Mother), Bilgewater (Residence of his Father)

Background Edit

Born to a Bilgewater trader and a Zaunite botanist, he proved himself more intelligent than his the majority of his peers from a young age. He traveled to Bilgewater with his father a few years after he was born, and decided that he liked the place. He found that he did not have to work very hard to learn new things, and thus has grown a little intellectually lazy, to the point that he puts in the bare minimum of effort involving things that do not interest him. He was never comfortable around large groups of people, and never quite got the hang of figuring out all the subtleties of conversations. He eventually joined the League of Legends as a summoner to prove to his classmates that he could, and decided that he liked it there, in addition to the fact that the school he goes to allows him to miss classes while he is on official League business. He prefers to spend Summer in Bilgewater and winter in Zaun.

Appearance Edit

Tall, over six feet in height. Thin, to a point where he is often told by close friends and family that he needs to eat more. Often wet, due to his hobbies of swimming and practicing water magic. Usually wears glasses when on land, and goggles when in water. Often seen with a book or scroll when on land.

Personality Edit

He is not very social. He does have friends, but not a very many. He enjoys studying magic, water magic in particular. He enjoys all kinds of literature, and enjoys debates about various pieces he has read. He doesn’t like to be interrupted while he is reading.

Skills and Summoner Preferences Edit

He is rather good at water magic, mainly due to his spending years of study learning about it. When fighting in person, he prefers to find a way to end the fight as quickly as possible. When it come to the Fields of Justice, he prefers to fight with Azir, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Nami, Nasus, and Twisted Fate.