Lector Livien Crownguard
Livien Crownguard
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“Enslaving the dead to conquer the living! Plucking the blackest necromancy from the Isles, and reformulating it for mass production, packaged for sale to the highest bidder! It must be understood that such wicked, profane acts as these bring the wrath of Demacia. The guilty must be seen to pay for what they’ve done. Justice might no longer be within our reach—enough good, innocent people have suffered under the Black Winter that I doubt the culprits can be made to experience even one hundredth of the pain they’ve inflicted on others. But I want them, and others like them, to understand that while we may not be able to give them all the agony they truly deserve, we will try. I call for the King’s justice!”

—Livien Crownguard[1]

Lector Livien Crownguard is a rising star within the Demacian Inquisition, and a League-trained former Summoner.[2] Her arcane talents and resourcefulness are remarkable, as is her zeal for eradicating corruption. She sees the League not as a truce between Demacia and Noxus but the next, and indeed the final, step in the conflict. She maintains that the destruction of Noxus is essential, whether accomplished by political or military means. Only when Noxus has been vanquished, she believes, will it be possible for the peaceful League regime to endure.

During the Black Winter, Livien Crownguard played a pivotal role in finding a cure for the necrotic plague, and overseeing the ultimately successful Demacian intervention into the Freljord. She was a candidate for Special Emissary to the League to lead the crusade against the Black Winter. She openly declared her belief that Demacia should enter Zaun in force, and that those responsible—whatever their national allegiance—should pay dearly for a catastrophe that endangered all of Runeterra and cost thousands of lives.

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