Birth Name Iruel Kanaros
Age 192
Gender Male
Species Lich
(hextech enhanced, formerly human)
Titles Terror of the Veil
Residence Zaun
Height 6'3"
Weight 500 lbs (estimated, metal chassis)


Since Iruel was young, he searched for a cure for death. He despised the concept, and toiled endlessly to find a way to render himself immortal. As he neared his final years, he committed an act of desperation. He performed a ritual to bind his life force to his most prized possession: an actual, original "Nashor's Tooth", an otherworldly crystalline tooth left behind supposedly by the fabled monster, not just the simulated one that appears on Summoner's Rift. But Iruel was horrified to discover that, even though his life force would go on forever, his body would begin to painfully decay. He knew he would have to either find a way to preserve his old body, or find a new one. Running out of options, he decided to turn to techmaturgy, enlisting the help of some of the foremost scientists in Zaun. With their help, he was able to transfer his brain and the tooth to a new, hextech-designed body. He had become a perfect fusion of mind, magic, and metal.