An isolated island nation, Ionia posseses some of the most powerful mystics in Valoran and birthplace of many and deadly martial arts which have featured countless times throughout Ionia´s bloody struggles against Noxus and their attempts to conquer this brave, if divided, country.

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The serene island realm of Ionia.


Ionia is an insular realm with several sub-factions somewhat loosely allied under Karma’s leadership. Culturally and politically, it seeks balance and harmony, and Karma has secured her position of prominence through her proven ability to manipulate the League’s sometimes labyrinthine politics and leverage its bureaucratic machinery to Ionia’s advantage. Compared to other factions, its view of world affairs is exceptionally broad: it recognizes that Runeterra is an interconnected system, and considers threats to Runeterra’s balance as threats to Ionia itself.

Ionia entered the League after nearly being destroyed by the Noxian invasion. Since then, it has fought its way back from the brink of annihilation. While it remains a deeply divided place, with various clans ruling various regions and sometimes showing considerable animosity for one another, it is broadly united when it comes to international affairs, and (with a few exceptions) each individual clan recognizes that its own interests lie in supporting Karma when it comes to the League.

Ionia is also known as a land of mysteries and magic. For thousands of years, Ionians have studied astral magic, and have developed arguably the most refined and elegant spellcraft of any nation in Valoran. Ionia is also the origin of much of ki-channeling technique.

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Factions History Edit

Ionia came in forth place out of the five factions in the Mirrorwater dispute.

In the Ceruleana dispute, Ionia came in foruth place, out of five factions involved.

Ionia proved victorious over Noxus in the Shon-Xan conflict.

Of the four factions in Nyroth , Ionia emerged victorious. It was granted the authority of governor over the continent. Ionia explored a few islands and parts of the mainland. During the battles at Krocylea they fought against the Shadow Isles and the void. Ionia also provided information to the Freljord that assisted in restoring the Mega-Nexus.

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Books sell well and are shortly and accidentally destroyed by Karma and her ineptitude around said books.

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