Aluena Marie(Summoner)

Aluena Marie

Name: Aluena Marie 

Summoner Name: Kayokane

Gender and Species: Human Female

Age: 24

Profession: Summoner, Diplomat in training, Former Ionian Soldier

Affiliations: Ionia (Birthplace)

Description: Edit

A beautiful young woman with jet-black hair and regal purple eyes. She wears acolyte's robes. She has a soft melodic voice, and speaks in a strong Ionian accent.

Backstory: Edit

Aluena is from Ionia. She was Orphaned during the First Noxian Invasion of Ionia. She was adopted by a family of artisans where she gained an appreciation of arts and crafts. She joined the League as a Diplomat in Training shortly after the Shon Xan incident (Factions Arc IV).

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